Random Acts of Kindness

RAKBy Lundy Spinner and Sydney Ruzicka

A wave of random acts of kindness is uplifting the spirits of Shenendehowa students dealing with the stress of prom, avoiding summer fever, and finals. The press release was sent out May 1st and was put into play to try and achieve the goal of 50,000 random acts of kindness being performed throughout the community by May 30th. Random acts of Kindness (RAK’s) are little things you can do to brighten someone’s day, such as giving them a spontaneous compliment or even giving them a little something. At Shenendehowa, cards are being given out to people along with the random acts they perform to their fellow peers and people in the community. When handed a card you tell the person receiving it to “pay it forward”. This is intended to have the other person keep the random acts going throughout the community. Is this as effective as it was intended to be?

Mary Potter a teacher at Acadia Middle School took a big part in starting all of this at Shen. Potter believes that “It is impacting our community greatly” and says that it has been “Spreading like wildfire”. Potter stated that students have been doing many things from writing inspirational notes and putting them on lockers to paying for people’s ice cream at 16 Handles. Lindsey Decker, a Shenendehowa junior, has taken the thought of the random acts to a new level. She has been handing out lollipops with sayings attached to them such as, “Smile! Keep up the hard work! Today is a great Day” and so on. Small things such as this can sometimes make people’s days a whole lot brighter.

Students aren’t the only ones getting involved, middle school teachers and staff gathered at the high school last Monday morning holding signs with happy messages to try and start the week on a positive note. It is important to always be kind and do small things for other people because you never know what kind of day people are having. Keep this going and let’s try to reach our goal!




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