“Great Gatsby” Junior Prom 2014

Amanda Hacker

As the school year settles down, everyone gets excited for prom. Girls look for dresses and guys find cute ways to ask a girl to go with them. On May 10th, junior prom finally arrived. It was located at the Saratoga City Center and the theme was The Great Gatsby. This was picked by the junior class. The weather was great; the sun was out and it never rained. It wasn’t too hot and not too cold.

“The Class Council has done a lot to prepare for prom” says Janelle Robinson, the 2015 class student council president, “We have done many fundraisers and had meetings every two weeks.”

Everything for prom went very well. The food from Mazzone’s was great and everyone had a place to sit. On the other hand, some people weren’t happy with prom. They thought the food wasn’t that good and the decorations didn’t feel like the Great Gatsby.

“It was better then what I expected. I thought that there were going to be a few problems, but there were none at all. I was really pleased with the food, how the place looked and the behavior of the students. Everyone looked amazing too” said Robinson afterward.


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