The Fault in Our Stars Review

IMGP1755By Taylor Mellow


The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a touching but tragic love story, about two teenagers who fall in love despite the challenges brought about by one of them having cancer and the other being in remission from cancer.


With the novel’s recent surge in fame, many teenagers have been reading it. The upcoming release of the movie based upon the book has been causing hype as well. The book has reached number one on several best sellers lists and is ranked number 8 in sales at Barnes & Noble according to their website.


It is hard to say exactly what makes this book so enjoyable for teenage readers. Perhaps it is the fact that this book tells a teenage love story or that the topic is something that everyone can imagine but hopes to never experience themselves. Regardless of what originally attracts readers, this story stands out as one that is moving and touching for everyone who reads it.


The common theme in conversation about the book is that readers became attached to the characters as they read. The reader spends much of the book laughing and crying as the characters grow and face situations that change their lives entirely. Overall, the book causes the reader to feel many emotions they may have never felt before due to a book, which makes the story that much more special.


The Fault in Our Stars is a quick read and a story that most people would enjoy. When looking for a story that will be fun to read and also meaningful to the reader, this book is a great choice. It is a great novel to read for fun when someone has free time. This is an emotional and touching story that could become the new favorite book of many people.


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