Should young children do beauty pageants?

By Michelle Knezovic

“When I stepped off the stage I started crying because I’m better than the rest of them, “said a little girl on the hit TV show Toddlers and Tiaras. All this talk about kids in beauty pageants has had a lot of controversy over the last few years.


I do not think that children should be able to participate in beauty pageants until the age of eight where they can decide for themselves if they actually like it or not. Many parents force their kids into participating in these beauty pageants. As you can see on the show “Toddlers and Tiaras” most of the kids don’t even enjoy doing it. They show the parents forcing their children to practice with their pageant coach. You see the kids having temper tantrums on the floor complaining about practicing. Shouldn’t activities in your free time be fun?


In the pageant world there are beauty pageants called “Glitz Pageants.” These are the pageants where you have to go all out on hair and makeup. They show kids having to have spray tans and they get all nervous because the machine makes a loud noise. They also show little girls having to get their eyebrows waxed, which in reality, adults usually do not even enjoy since it is quite painful. Then they put fake eyelashes on their children, which the kids hate, and then their eyes start watering and they end up crying and having another temper tantrum.


My last argument against little kids doing beauty pageants is that they don’t get to participate in good, healthy competition. When you play a soccer game, after the game all the players shake hands and say “good game”. This happens at the end of most sports games. After a girl gets off the stage at a beauty pageant sometimes they won’t even talk to their competitors. This is not healthy competition. Kids will win and say “I’m the prettiest, that’s why I won.” Now do you really want your five or 6 year old saying that?


I assume in the end it is your decision if you want your child doing beauty pageants or not but maybe you should wait until they can decide for themselves instead of planning their future and forcing them to compete in pageants.


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