10 Things To Be Excited About This Year

By The Voices


1) Maybe finding that sock I lost last year in gym. I need that sock back. The other puppet is lonely.

2) I’ve missed the lunches quite a bit. My bowels have been unnaturally calm all summer and to be honest I’m concerned. My doctor says it’s fine but I think he’s lying to me.

3) Asking the health teachers what they think of this rash, and then basing my entire research project off of it.

4) Thanks to Google Classroom, never again touching paper and developing a phobia because of it.

5) Getting up at the crack of dawn, only to unavoidably sit in the living room for forty minutes after I’ve finished getting ready for the day.

6) The teachers pontificating the importance of getting plenty of sleep, then copping an attitude every time I nod off.  

7) No longer binge watching The Walking Dead on Netflix. My mom says it’s making me antisocial.

8) Bathroom selfies. Period.

9) Couples. Couples everywhere.

10)  Speaking of which, the PDA. Who doesn’t love all that PDA?



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