Has Our Generation Lost it’s Manners?

By: Sam Moruzzi

As I pulled out of the parking lot of the grocery store yesterday, I was stopped by a van and a smaller car. A young woman exited the driver’s side of the van and furiously walked over to the smaller car, screaming at the driver, hitting the window and spitting at it. She got back into her car and drove off, and as I pulled up to the smaller car, I realized the driver was an elderly woman.

May I pose a question here? Where was that young woman’s respect when she got out of her car? Did the old woman really do something so terrible that she deserved to be spat at? I don’t think so. While the young woman in the car might have been annoyed that the older woman either cut her off or almost rear-ended her, the old woman did not deserve that kind of outburst and rudeness. Seriously, where were that young woman’s manners?

The young woman’s rudeness and lack of respect may have been uncalled for, but her outburst was not uncommon for people of our generation. The youths of today have lost respect for their teachers, parents, and especially elders. Why? Here’s the simple answer. Our generation is characterized by a surge of new technology. We can surf the web, send a text, and update a Facebook status simultaneously in the palm of our hand. What this gives us is power, power that is easily turned into arrogance. We believe we are better than the generation before us, and the generation before that. We deserve more, and deserve to be treated better than anyone else. More importantly, this arrogance has led us to change our views on what is morally right and what is acceptable. Twerking, wearing revealing clothing, and challenging authority are only a few on the “acceptable” list. And now, we can apparently add disrespecting our elders to it as well.

Has our generation truly lost is manners? Have we gone so far down the line that screaming and spitting at an elderly person who unconsciously makes a mistake is acceptable? Think about it. Would you be pleased if your own grandparents were treated that way? Would you be okay with young people harassing your grandparents simply because they were older? So the next time you see an elderly person struggling to open a door or accidently cutting you off on the road, remember your respect and your manners.


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