Shenendehowa Homecoming Dance

By Aidan McGuire

On October 18th, from 7 – 10 P.M., Shenendehowa High School East will be holding the first Homecoming Dance in a while as a follow up to the much beloved Homecoming football game. Tickets are 100% free of charge and can be obtained during lunch periods from October 8th to October 17th. The homecoming t-shirts are also on sale for $10. As a semi – formal event, the dance aims to bolster Shen spirit through an enjoyable event that all four high school grades can enjoy; especially the freshman, who can get a taste of what the Shenendehowa High School experience has to offer. Activities include the obvious dance portion of the evening, with a professional DJ from SEH Entertainment taking the reins with music selections chosen by you, the student, through a quick and easy song submission through his website (Scott). Other activities include getting your picture taken by student photographers and participating in free giveaways. So, be it the after party to the Homecoming game or a mental rebound from the PSATs, the Homecoming Dance is fun, and more importantly, a chance to both have a great time with friends and show our school spirit.


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