Gotham Review

By Dom Vaughn
Fox aired its most anticipated series of the year, Gotham, on Monday, September 22. Gotham takes place in the fictional DC Comics setting, Gotham City. The story revolves around a youthful James Gordon and his partner, Harvey Bullock, attempting to track down the killers of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Batman’s (Bruce Wayne) parents. Bruce Wayne is about 10 years old in this series, albeit the main focus of this show will be the Gotham police force, not Bruce Wayne himself. It is set in a “timeless” era considering it features newer technology like modern guns and computers as well as more archaic inventions such as old fashioned rotary phones.

According to an article on the website,, creator of this soon-to-be a hit show, Bruno Heller, said “It’s a mash-up, to use the modern phrase. If today Batman exists, then this world is the past. But it’s everybody’s past, an 18-year-old’s past and a 54-year-old’s past. So in your memory, the past is all mashed up together. So in this Gotham, it’s a kind of timeless world. It’s yesterday, it’s today, and it’s tomorrow all at the same time, because that’s the world that dreams live in.”

The reviews came in for the show as soon as the pilot ended on Monday. It’s rated a solid 8.7 on, although while reading the reviews it seems that most of the viewers find it to be incredibly disappointing. They think that too much hype was built up for it, even though most of the reviewers expressed that they understood it was only just the pilot and that the creators can improve the show knowing the mistakes that they made. This is similar to the situation with the CW’s Arrow in which the pilot and first few episodes of the series were horrendous; although, further on in the series it drastically improved and shot up to be the single most popular superhero TV show currently airing.


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