Twerking Causes Canceled School Dance

By Julianna Lombardo

Many anticipate the spring during school, not just because of the weather becoming warmer, but because of the Junior and Senior Proms. What would happen if after the long hours of planning and trying to find the perfect prom dress or tux your high school dance was canceled?

Jeff Maher, Principal of Stowe High School canceled all school dances because of the severity of inappropriate dancing, otherwise known as twerking and grinding. He thinks canceling school dances will give time for the school to teach their students what’s appropriate and respectful. Maher said to WCAX “I don’t blame our kids, I really don’t. I think that they reflect the coarse, vulgar, popular culture that they inhabit.”

To many, twerking and grinding is highly inappropriate,  especially to administration, and some believe they need to do their part to stop this type of dancing on school grounds.

“I think as adults, we have a moral obligation to stand up and say we can’t condone this,” Maher told NECN.

Coach Carley Galarneau, advisor of Senior Class Council at Shenendehowa High School, agreed with this action, “I understand that the actions were necessary from the administration perspective.”

Over the past decade, attendance at Shenendehowa High School dances has dipped dramatically. Due to the attendance issue many smaller dances including  the Homecoming Dance, and freshmen and sophomore semi-formals have been canceled.

Although Shenendehowa High School has never canceled a dance for any reason other than attendance, Galarneau does not see this extreme consequence necessary at the moment. She stated, “Most students are well behaved at school dances, and if there are a couple students that are misbehaving they are asked to leave individually.”

Although Coach Galarneau does not know the exact circumstances as to why the dances were canceled, coming from the small town area she believes it is because the school system is much smaller and the dances got out of hand very quickly.

Wyatt Galfetti, a high school senior at Stowe High, agreed with the decision to some extent. He said, “some kids really did go too far at the last school dance, but unfortunately now, everyone will lose out.”

Stowe High School has invited students to take part in conversations about how to setting guidelines for future dances that’ll be more respectful and comfortable for everyone if they were to return in the future.


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