Interactive Whiteboards at Shen

By Allison King

Here at Shenendehowa, interactive whiteboards have slowly been filtering into the classrooms each year. They can be found in many of the elementary schools, the middle schools, and both of the high schools. There are many different brands of white boards currently found throughout Shen.

Jenny Pfaffenbach, a social studies teacher at Shenendehowa, tries to incorporate her interactive whiteboard into her daily curriculum as much as possible, in order to assist the students in forming a better understanding of the material.

Pfaffenbach described the benefits of her interactive whiteboard and said, “It has the capacity for better imagining. This is significant in a class devoted to primary sources and maps. It also allows me to have the students come to the front of the room and engage in the notes. They pass the stylus and annotate readings/make notes.”

Pfaffenbach often uses her Promethean, the interactive whiteboard, to allow students to manipulate images and text, and to assist the students in leading the class in a discussion.

“When given the chance, my students are usually thrilled to move and imagine as they had done in previous educational experiences,” Pfaffenbach said.

Another teacher at Shenendehowa, Susan Lenney, has an older version of the interactive whiteboard. She does not get as much of a benefit from it as Pfaffenbach because her whiteboard is not able to access the internet. She uses her whiteboard to write the class notes on, as that is all it can really do. Many teachers at Shenendehowa have interactive whiteboards. All use them differently, with some gaining more benefit from it than others.

With technology constantly changing, the use of interactive whiteboards in the classroom may transform over time. As more school districts purchase interactive whiteboards, doors are being opened to the endless possibilities that could take place in the classroom. In the near future, these advancements will continue to evolve.


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