The College of Saint Rose Essay Contest

Photo taken by Alexa Lounsbury

By Abby Carter

If you could share a meal with a fictional character, author, or filmmaker, who would this be? How has he or she affected your life? What would you eat? What would you discuss? Any junior or senior interested in responding to this essay prompt has the chance to win three hundred dollars, the first place prize for the College of Saint Rose High School essay contest. Submissions must be between three and five pages, and can be mailed to Dr. Catherine Cavanaugh, The College of Saint Rose, English Department, 432 Western Ave, Albany, NY 12203. Submissions can also be e-mailed to, including a separate document containing your name, contact information, high school, the title of the essay and the name of your English teacher. Essays must be submitted by December 3rd; winners will be chosen and notified in February, 2015. Any questions can be sent to Dr. Catherine Cavanaugh at


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