A Poem About Passes

By Anonymous

For one measly quarter, the passes were great.

They fit in your pocket, ’twas nothing to hate.

But come the last quarter and everything changed

With choices and changes, seem ‘pletely deranged.

But let us be clear, it’s clearly no curse.

‘Tis not a big deal, things could be much worse.

But why the whole trouble when things seemed just fine?

Why make it all worse, and all less divine?

No longer can passes stay snug in our pockets

As now we must see them all clear from our sockets.

You lose ’em, you lost ’em, too bad, you’ll be sore,

As one only gets that one pass and no more.

Again, it’s no crime, why should we complain?

Passes are great, when one can attain.

But pockets exist for a reason, you see?

It’s just that the system’s off putting to me.

Necklaces? Really? Is that the reform?

I simply don’t get the whole point in this storm

Of school, of work, of everything bland,

When things could be better, as pockets are grand.

My only point is, is why make things hard

When everything worked with that one single card?



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