Hendo Hoverboard

By Cody Bryans

Back to the future fans can rejoice; the hoverboard is on its way. Even though we may been years away from the self-tying shoe, the company Hendo is making the first real hoverboard. The Hendo hoverboard is the world’s first working hoverboard and is still currently on Kickstarter (a website where companies can go and ask for money in order to make their ideas a reality) asking for funds. The Hendo hoverboard is operational in a video on Kickstarter, showing the 100 pound board lifting a man about 1 inch off the ground.

The board works by having an underside with 4 disk shaped engines that create an electromagnetic pulse that can push a 300 pound man about one inch off the ground. The website says the hoverboard has “effortless glide, full control, and a high performance design, and is is perfect for riding.”

According to an article by TechnoBuffalo , “Hendo Hover uses magnetic levitation, which means it only works on a metal surface, and the battery is limited to just seven minutes of use per charge.”

The Kickstarter site reports that the first few will come out on October 21, 2015 (which isn’t just a date but the day Marty McFly travels back into the future in the movie Back to the Future Part 2). Only 10 will be given out to the public, and the people who will be getting the 10 prototypes are the 10 Kickstarter backers who donated $10,000 or more to the Hendo hoverboard Kickstarter page.

If you can’t afford the Hoverboard but are interested in the technology, the makers of the hoverboard are also releasing “The White Box,” which has the same technology but is a 10”x10” white cube that can float for about 10-15 minutes. The purpose for the white box is for people interested in the technology to “tinker” with it. Anyone who backs from $696 to $969 on Kickstarter will get their very own white box.

“In March, the website Funny or Die released a video that seemed to show the skateboarder Tony Hawk on a real hoverboard. Mr. Hawk later apologized for misleading fans,” the New York Times also reported.

Creators Greg and Jill Henderson said, “This is a proof of concept, this is the first step in the future of transportation. Try to imagine a vehicle with all the movability of a car with the efficacy of a high speed train”.

Many are excited about the creation of the technology and many are looking at this as the future. But there are skeptics due to the very short battery life and and the fact it only works on certain materials. We won’t know how this technology will be used in the future, but we can only wait.


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