By Cupid

Shen has a huge amount of couples. I mean, what else would you expect when the high school population is somewhere in the thousands?! However, I, as well as many others, want more couples at Shen. Not just normal couples though; No, the special kind. The kind who add the much needed PDA to the school environment. From students to Administrators, everyone loves Public Displays of Affection. We all love it so much, that I propose a new way of encouraging it: The Kiss Cam. The Kiss Cam is a super simple idea. Whenever you, a student, witness someone kissing or touching, snap a picture and send it to the paper. That way, we can all thank these affectionately conscious creatures for their service to the Shen community. It’s as easy as noticing someone attempting to hide behind a pillar by the gym with that special someone and capturing the moment. Here are some spots where you are sure to find a tongue down someone’s throat: any corner in the building, the satellite cafeteria, and even around the door of any classroom. If you wait around long enough, I am positive you will take a picture that is sure to make your peers smile. Now, you may be asking yourself, “What if I am attacked by someone for taking a picture of them and their sweetie?” Well, if that happens, calmly explain your actions are for the benefit of the school community at large.  My day is always uplifted by the sight of kissing, uncomfortable touching, or even going as far as caressing the butt. Just the sight of this can escalate someone’s day from good to awesome. So, what do you say, Shen? How about we spread the love man and make PDA accessible to all, not just those in the hall.    


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