March Top Ten

By: The Voices

  1. St. Patrick’s Day is coming and all you can do is try on all of your green clothes and attempt to impersonate a leprechaun. You say: “Top of the mornin’ to ya!” and people look at you like you have three heads.
  2. You consider the fact that March has almost no days off and you cringe because you just want April break to come. At least you can convince yourself the full weeks are to get you closer to Summer… yeah that’s what March is for.
  3. Asking all of your “height challenged” friends where they hide their pot of gold in an Irish accent, then proceeding to ask them to do an Irish jig and show you the end of the rainbow. They are not impressed.
  4. Starting to stress about prom and the dress and your date and everything else, then remembering that AP Exams and SATs are during the same time frame and then freaking out. You go back to prom stuff after five minutes.
  5. Still being upset that there is three feet of snow outside your window and the temperature is still below freezing. You were pretty sure the groundhog said spring was coming soon, but  now you know he was lying.
  6. Trying to comprehend how you’re past the halfway point in the school year when it feels like you’re only a quarter of the way done. There are still AP, Regents and SAT exams and you’re already stressing.
  7. All the math teachers being excited about Pi day this year because of 3.14.15 at 9:26:35. You personally are only concerned with the word “pie” because its pie and you love it in every way.
  8. Getting heated about March Madness if you love basketball or you went to Syracuse University. Not really being sure about what the point of March Madness is if basketball isn’t really your thing.
  9. DODGEBALL IS MARCH 13TH AND YOU’RE REALLY EXCITED ABOUT GOING. The only thing you’re concerned about is that fact that it’s on Friday the 13th and deep down that kinda freaks you out. You’ll probably be OK, so just go.
  10. Not knowing the March 3rd is National Pancake Day and that you could get free pancakes from IHOP. Now you’re stressed about the future and really disappointed that you didn’t get any free pancakes. Bummer for you.

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