Tablets Suck

By: Jennifer Berman

I get it. Technology is the future and to an extent should be embraced, but when I see a child not even old enough to tie his own shoe sitting on a couch playing crossy road instead of going outside or interacting with others, it annoys me to no end. Socialization and imaginative play is crucial for a child’s development. Having a child sit in front of a screen all day doesn’t stimulate their ability to think creatively and abstractly and therefore they won’t be as creative later in life. Without creative thinkers, the world would be a very bland and boring place. We haven’t seen the effects of it yet because we are all too young, but I predict that it will not be a good outcome.

Constantly looking at a screen and refraining from interacting with other people or classmates causes children to be impaired in social and emotional development. It can create social anxiety and behavioral issues later in life, because they never learned to socialize with one another. If a child wants their parent’s attention, a tablet is given instead to quiet him down, so he “lets mommy/daddy do their work.” A child shouldn’t just play on a tablet. It makes sense that young children who play on tablets will grow up to be much more addicted to technology than us. Adults complain about how “addicted to our phones” we are. I really don’t want to see the generations after us in worse shape than we are now. A good friend of mine with a little sister who is 10 years old is more protective of and addicted to her phone than the both of us combined. If she can’t find it, she has what closely resembles a temper tantrum mixed with a meltdown; it’s ridiculous, not to mention annoying. Kids today should be playing outside, exploring and having fun with others, not sitting in a house isolated and addicted to their parent’s iPad.


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