The Cast from the Past

By Abby Carter

Below is an interview with Maureen Gallagher (Miss Dorothy Brown) from the cast of Thoroughly Modern Millie. We sat down with her in order to get an inside perspective on the musical.

Shen Pen: “How many hours of practice went into the production?”

Maureen: “I would say probably about 130 -150 hours of work and practice go into rehearsal time alone. That does not include all of the work the directors and crew do outside of school as well to make the show happen.”

SP: “What was your favorite part of this experience?”

M: “My favorite experience is what we call ‘the pulse.’ Every night before the show we form a large circle in the back hallway and hold hands and squeeze each other’s hands to send ‘the pulse’ down. It’s a way for us to focus and connect our energy with the people around us before a show.”

SP: “Do you have any advice for someone thinking about trying out next year?”

M: “Just go for it. Auditioning for something can be scary but you have to let go of your worries and just have fun because that’s what the directors are really looking for.”

SP: “Is there anyone you would like to thank post-show?”

M: “I’d like to thank Ms. Baird, Chris Marcella, and Mr. Lotano for all the hard work they put in to make this show amazing and all my family and friends for support.”


Check out the full article in the next print edition!


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