A Take On Tests

By: Anonymous

I have a proposition.

Now, call me ballsy, call me crazy, and maybe even call me a bit of a radical who’s out for the destruction of our cultural values. But I have a bit of a bone to pick with time.

I don’t like how we use it. Especially in the way of school and tests.

I believe tests for each field of class should be allotted to a certain day of the week, Monday through Friday, and that’s it. That’s how it’ll be in September, October, November… all the way until the end of June. Maybe we’ll give Mondays to English tests, and perhaps Tuesdays to the sciences, whatever, doesn’t matter. Point is, there’d be a bit of structure as to when students receive tests, which I believe there is a lack of. But I am more than a little bit irritated when I go Monday through Thursday test free and then, look out, five tests back-to-back-to-back… on Friday. Because at that point, that’s just way, way too much to handle. Now, this is just my personal experience, and I, Anonymous, can’t exactly speak for the entire student populace, but I’m going to go on the assumption that a good margin of us high school kids have experienced this sort of academic-overloading at one point or another. I feel that this highly original, supremely cool and bombastic plan of action can be a way of getting rid of some of the much hated and needless stress that arises from school.

Here’s how I see it:

Monday – English

Tuesday – Science

Wednesday – LOTE, Elective

Thursday – History/Economics

Friday – Math, Health

But in the end, that’s just my opinion; that’s just what a humble, young Shen-goer/undergrad has to say. I’m just not a big fan of walking into a Friday, Tuesday, whatever day, half asleep and half wired on caffeine so that my other half doesn’t lose consciousness from staying up all night studying for those innumerable tests, and then doing less stellar than I would have hoped on all of them.


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