Laura Tarlo – Cheerful, Artistic, Passionate

from Laura Leigh Designs

By: Laura Gibson

Ms. Tarlo is one of those people that you can talk to for two minutes and you feel like you’ve known them for years. She will make time for each and every student, no matter how busy she gets.

Growing up just about twenty minutes from Clifton Park, Laura Tarlo attended Cohoes High School. Rather than dream of being a princess or a stay at home mom, Tarlo dreamt of being an Executive or CEO of a massive, important company.

After graduating from Cohoes High School, Tarlo attended several colleges to get several different types of degrees. She attended the Sage College of Albany and was granted her Certificate of Advanced Study. She also attended Siena College and got her Bachelors in Science and Marketing. In addition to those two colleges, Tarlo also attended SUNY Plattsburgh.

Tarlo taught for 12 years, and she did administrative work from 2010-2011. That’s when she decided she wanted to do something different. She figured out that she wanted to work with teachers, concluding that she wanted to be a class assistant principal.

When Ms. Tarlo isn’t at school, she is working on one of her greatest passions. She loves interior design. Tarlo has her own interior design blog called “Unique Nest” which shows her own home, and what her favorite pieces of it are. On her blog, she gives tips and tricks on how to make your home more “fresh” with affordable yet stylish decor. There is a section where you can tour her home, and another section where you can see what her interior design company’s services are.

Mrs. Lonni Flynn, a secretary in the Counseling and Career Center, said that her first opinion of Tarlo was that she was very professional and personable.

“Laura is extremely intelligent. She has a good drive, she’s energetic, she follows through with whatever she sets her mind to, and she works very well with students and faculty, which is hard to find these days in staff members,” she said.

Mrs. Alison Felt, a secretary who works in the CAPS office with Mrs. Tarlo, says her first opinion was completely positive.

“Now that I have gotten to know her, my first opinion of her stays the exact same, if not more. She is a fabulous person to work with, she is a joy and a pleasure,” she said.

Donald Flynt, the principal of Shenendehowa High School, said he thought Tarlo was ambitious, motivated and excitable, “in a good way.”

“She has a similar attitude as she had when she was teachin,” Flynt said. “Laura is a good role model to her students and especially towards the young women.”

Tarlo has encountered many outrageous incidents during her time at Shen, but couldn’t identify one.

“I deal with so many crazy events, I can’t really choose one. If one was extremely crazy, I can’t share it publicly anyways,” she said.

According to Tarlo, what makes her job the most difficult are all of the factors that she cannot control. For example, at home situations.

“I can’t interfere with a student’s personal life unless the student tells me otherwise. I always want to fix a situation, and just make it better. However, some things I just cannot control, it’s out of my hands, that is what makes my job the most difficult. No matter what though, I love my job, and all of my students.”


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