Shen students show pride by dressing up during Spirit Week


The hallways of High School East looked different this week as students dressed up in different themes to show their school spirit before Friday’s homecoming football game against rival Saratoga. Students expressed various reactions to Spirit Week, theme choices and whether the week really increased the level of school spirit in the school.

Caiti-Erin Talty, a senior, says that Spirit Week at Shen is good and likes it.

Talty also says the best day of spirit week is “black out day” because it’s “easy to dress up for” and it looks good.

Tyler Dudick, a senior, said he thinks it’s fun to participate because you feel “involved.”

“If a lot of people participate in Thursday’s Blackout it will look really cool,” he said.

According to Dudick, Wacky Wednesday isn’t specific enough and it “doesn’t have to be an alliteration.”

“How about Camo Wednesday?” he said.

Senior Christina Kosky said having students participate is “fun and exciting.”

According to Kosky, her favorite day is Tie-Dye and Tropical Tuesday.

Kosky said she would make one improvement for Spirit Week next year.

“Shirts for a cause should return,” she said.

Victoria Lombardo, a senior, said that she likes spirit week.

“It would be nice if more people participated, though,” she said.

Lombardo said she would love to see and 80s day. She thinks Blackout day is the easiest.

“It’s quick to pick out a outfit,” she said.  

Emily Lewis, a senior enjoys spirit week and the energy of the students for the five days leading up to homecoming. Lewis said her favorite day of the week is blackout day but she wishes Spirit Week would be more than just dressing in themed outfits.

“More decorations and events during the school day would be fun,” she said. “It would draw more people into to the excitement.”

Nick Brancato, a junior, said that more students should participate in Spirit Week, because it raises student spirit and excitement for the homecoming game on Friday.

Brancato said that he wishes that Friday’s theme was a “black-out” because for the homecoming game students are supposed to wear all black attire.

Junior Bridget Shanahan said that she enjoys spirit week because it is a great way for people to express themselves.

“I like seeing who has the most spirit in the school,” she said.

Shanahan said her favorite day is probably tie dye tuesday because she loves to make and wear tie dye whereas Whacky Wednesday is her least favorite day.

“I don’t know what to wear without making a fool out of myself,” she said.  “I’ve seen what people are wearing and it is pretty whacky.”

Ethan Prescott, a sophomore, said that what he likes the most about spirit week is how people get to have fun and be creative in preparation for the homecoming game.

“It’s a good way to show pride about something you like”, he said.

Senior Joe DiAcetis said Spirit Week should be more entertaining. There should be more of an incentive to participate in Spirit Week.

“We should do more than just what you wear,” for example “maybe daily prizes for the best homeroom,” he said.

Evan Warner, a senior, is very enthusiastic about Spirit Week.

“My favorite days are are Wacky Wednesday and Shen Pride Friday” he said.

Warner said he thinks Spirit Week  is a cool way to get hyped for homecoming on Friday.

“I think it is pretty cool to see all the outfits people come up with” he said.

Jarrod Deering, a senior, said he likes Spirt Week and thinks “it helps kids express themselves.”  

Deering said he plans on dressing up everyday, however, he said that he has noticed people are often too focused on what they are wearing during Spirit Week  and it doesn’t help bring the students together.

“The spirit rally brings together the students but not necessarily the week itself,” he said.

Senior Kyair Hamiliton said he likes the idea of breaking the normal school routine and having some fun before the homecoming game.

Senior Allison Jerome said Spirit Week is fun, but she wishes that students got to vote for the theme days. Jerome said her favorite day this year is Tie-Dye Day.

“That’s the theme day I’m the most excited for,” she said.



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