Charlie Valenty


By Maddie Fancher

Chances are if you have been to any home basketball game, you have surely seen Charlie Valenty.

Not only are you sure to find Valenty in the bleachers of the basketball courts, but also in the bleachers at the football stadium, tennis courts, volleyball courts and soccer fields.

“You can see him at any sporting event. He’s pretty much everywhere with a smile on his face,” PE teacher and Unified Basketball coach, Carley Galarneau said,

Senior, Charlie Valenty, is very involved in Shenendehowa High School sports and shows extreme amounts of school spirit. No matter when a game is, where it is, or who Shen is playing against, Valenty is always sure to be there. Galarneau said, “I’ve known Charlie since kindergarten. He’s just as enthusiastic now as he was then.”

In addtion to attending so many home sporting events, Valenty also acts as team manager. No matter what the job is, Valenty will be more than happy to pitch in and help out.

“I think that is one of his most remarkable traits,” Valenty’s teacher MRs. Jarosz said. “He always thinks of others and how he can make them feel better and help them out.”

By taking the role of the manager for each sport, Valenty makes sure he brings his enthusiasm to the practices and games.

“I am a leader and I have to hype people up,” Valenty said.

Not only does he want to hype up the team, but also the Shen student body and sports fans. Valenty said he live tweets during the games so the fans know what’s going on.

Many of Valenty’s peers and friends believe that his energy is one of his most remarkable traits.

“Charlie is so involved and his enthusiasm is contagious,” Jarosz said.

Although many people know about Valenty’s involvement and enthusiasm in supporting all of the teams, they may not know that he is also an ambassador for Best Buddies New York and plays two sports for Shen, Unified Basketball and Unified Bowling. Unified sports is an inclusive program which combines individuals who are differently abled and other students in the school on sports teams for training and competition.

Similar to all of the other sports, Valenty always talks to his friends about the unified season, when the games are, where they are, and tries to get people to go.

When talking about his Unified basketball season, Valenty gets very passionate and excited.

“It would mean a lot to have more people support us at our Unified games,” Valenty said. “It would make me feel happy. It’s my final year here.”

To support Charlie and the Unified teams contact Coach Galarneau or Charlie Valenty for the full Unified schedule.


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