Shen Graduate Morgan Bourdeau Pursues a Unique Major at FIT


By Alexa Pazienza

Package Design is not a usual subject to get your Bachelors degree in. Morgan Bourdeau would know that, as she is one of the 24 handpicked students of her class at the Fashion Institute of Technology. This program is unique to FIT and cannot be found at other schools.


Morgan Bourdeau is a Shenendehowa graduate who is currently a senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is working on her associate’s degree in communication design, bachelor’s degree in packaging design, and is minoring in art history.


Bourdeau said she is currently interning at Spring Design Partners in Manhattan, which  has led her to some great opportunities such as designing for a vodka company, and for Oreo.


One of Bourdeau’s latest projects was designing the package for Oreo’s limited edition Chocolate-Covered Strawberry cookies. With the help of the Oreo account’s head designer, Bourdeau said they were able to make several potential designs for the Valentine’s Day limited edition Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Oreos.


Bourdeau said this project had a quick turn around time, so she got to work right away looking at Oreo’s other designs for past limited edition flavors. After looking at the design for the strawberry shortcake oreos, the team decided to experiment with the placement of the chocolate covered strawberry and the Oreo.


Bourdeau said the team then got to work creating a design that was Valentine’s Day-esque, but could be sold before and after the holiday. They created 10-12 designs which were then narrowed down to about four designs to be submitted for approval.


Upon having one of her designs chosen Bourdeau said she didn’t even have time to be excited or proud.


“I just remember really being stressed because the final file needed to be out the door in three days,” she said.

Bourdeau’s boyfriend Alexander Ranucci describes her as a perfectionist.

“She works really hard on all her projects, and keeps going with them until they are the best they can be.” Ranucci said.


He said the project was a great opportunity for her and her portfolio and he hopes it will help her land more jobs in the future.

Bourdeau’s perfectionism and hard work can be seen in all of her projects. She recently redesigned her first school project. This project consists of a Jello brand based off of her grandmother’s Jello recipe.

Bourdeau describes her style as “clean”. She said she likes to take advantage of white space and does not like it when designs are overdone. She said her favorite part of doing any project is picking out the typography.

Shenendehowa art teacher Sallie Way said she has seen a change in Bourdeau’s designs. Bourdeau took both the graphic design and advanced graphic design classes at Shen and excelled in both. Way said she is a hard worker and always is focused and determined to make her work better.

“Her designs were always good, but she’s incredible now,” Way said. “It’s been really fun to see how she’s progressed.”

Bourdeau says she currently does not have a dream job, but if she could work for anyone she would work for the design company Anthem. Bourdeau said she likes how the company designs for everything and not just the packaging.
“I’ve learned not to plan my future, it’s too stressful in a program that already has too much stress,” Bourdeau said. “I just want to be open to all the different areas in the digital design world.”


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