Radio Station promotes prom dress event at Shen High School


The radio station 99.5 The River unveiled their “Pay Less for the Dress” program this week to Shenendehowa High School for the first time. Large school perks include great access to programs such as this one.

“99.5 the River called Shen,” said Shenendehowa High School principal Donald Flynt, “they wanted to broadcast here because we’re big.” The program will get more exposure by coming to a larger school.

IMG_7853This is the first year 99.5 The River is doing this program at a high school. According to representatives from 99.5 The River, the boss’ children go to Shen and it was his idea to do it there.

It is hard to say if students will actually participate because there’s no way of knowing, but Mr. Flynt said he hopes many students will participate.

This year is the third year that 99.5 The River has hosted this event. They got the idea from a sister station they have in North Carolina who has been hosting a similar program for years.

In past years, the event has lasted for three days, with people waiting outside in lines to get in for hours. This year the event is at Proctors on March 19, with tickets being sold beforehand for $5.

At the event, people can purchase gently used gowns for a low price of $9.95, according to Flynt. All of the proceeds go to the Bernard & Millie Duker Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center & the Proctors Scholarship Fund.

Students can donate gowns to the lobby/main office from March 8 to March 17, where they will be placed until they are brought to the cleaners and to the radio station. Dresses can also be donated at one of the Best Cleaner Locations found on 99.5 The River’s website.

If students aren’t able to donate a dress, but want to contribute, they can contact or email IMG_0987.JPGthe radio station through the website for volunteer opportunities.

Flynt said the event probably won’t build up the hype for prom as it is already the most popular event at Shen. However, Flynt hopes that students will feel good helping the less fortunate.

If you would like to donate or participate in the event, more information can be found here

Madeline Miller, Conner Luzier, and Kate Heins contributed to this report.


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