Administrators move cafeteria line to help hallway congestion.


Students waiting in the High School East cafeteria line will soon be waiting in a different place.

Currently students who buy lunch at High School East wait in line in both the north and south hallways. Administrators have decided to relocate the south hallways line to alleviate hallways congestion. Student will now file into the empty hallway connecting the north and south hallways.

According to Craig Chandler, the sophomore class Assistant Principal, moving the lunch line to the empty hallway would help out the hallway traffic.

Students have long complained about hallway traffic in the south hallway during lunch periods because students waiting in line limits hallway space.

Seniors J.J. Martuscello and John Kennedy both agree that it’s hard to get into the cafeteria due to the lunch line blocking the doorway.

Kennedy also mentioned to alleviate congestion, the lunch line should be moved into the empty hallway on the other side, while leaving the doors open for students at all times.

Students also complain about the cafeteria doors being closed in between lunch periods. According to Chandler the policy was put in place because students would show up to class late with food, or leave class to get snacks.  

According to High School Principal Ron Agostinoni, the practice of closing the cafeteria doors between periods is still occurring because it is what was done in previous years.

Chandler said this policy is under review.

Students at Shen feel that cafeteria doors should be open throughout the entire school day.

Haley Yates a senior, said students knowingly make the decision to be late to class as it is and restricting the option of food along the way is hardly any game changer.

Leaving cafeteria doors closed affects students who have limited time for lunch such as those students who leave for BOCES and need quick access to the cafeteria.


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