Alexa, mind your own business


In recent years in the United States, the rise of home information systems has taken over the common household. With the recent holidays it is no surprise many families and individuals became owners of a home system.

The most famous of these new information system is Amazon Echo’s Alexa.. Since its release in 2014, over 10 million units have been sold. Other companies have followed suit with their own devices like the Google home. Amazon also released the Amazon Dot in October of 2016, making a cheaper and smaller alternative to get your own Alexa based system. This holiday season, this new found device craze made the Amazon Dot the best selling product on all of Amazon.

With the rise in sales, it is no wonder so many different opinions on this controlling system vary widely for owners of this product. Many feel as though the safety and privacy of one’s home is compromised with this new technological gadget. Also, consumers who have younger children are finding that their children are ordering stuff through Alexa. Alexa is programmed to listen for a voice, with no way of confirming orders. This is leading to children ordering stuff without their parents realizing they ordered it.

“The system is kind of cool, but scary at the same time,” said senior John Perdek. “It knows everything about you and can access your phone.”

“I hate it, it creeps me out,” Joey Pierre said. “I hate knowing that it could be listening at any time.”

On the other hand, many also love the product. The product is futuristic in the way it works, but also easily accessible for its users. Advocates of Alexa say how it helps them with reminders, knowing the temperature when they get ready in the morning, and even delivering the top stories of the day.

“I love it, its so cool how I can tell it to look up something or play a song and it does it for me,” said Prem Patel. “I don’t even have to stand up to play music.”

“I love the new Amazon Dot” said Don Timpanaro, “It updates me on the news I miss throughout the day.”  

With the growth of this trend and more households owning a home system, improvements for the system have a bright future. Although it does not appeal to some, more people enjoy the product, therefore it is growing in houses all over America.


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