Flannels keep students trendy and comfortable


During the cold, upstate New York winter months, there are limited weather friendly fashion statements that can be worn by all students.

According to Shenendehowa senior Sam VanderVeer, “I like them because they are extremely comfortable and they’re easy, you wake up in the morning, throw on a sweatshirt and a flannel and you’re comfortable and warm but also looking fantastic.”

A widespread trend among students at Shenendehowa High School is wearing flannels; plaid patterned, warm, comfortable, versatile and a stylish grunge look to wear to school.

This trend first emerged during the 1990’s with popular grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam using flannels as one of the trademarks of their shaggy look.

Almost thirty years later, the trend has re-emerged and has been an evident every day style in the halls of Shen.

The flannel wearing fashion trend is here to stay and New York was even rated in the top 10 for the most popular states for flannels.

Flannels are one of the few fashion trends which follow the 20-year trend cycle where the item becomes popular again twenty years after it was originally in style.

Shenendehowa students are avid flannel wearers and there is even a day each week called “Flannel Friday” where students are encouraged to wear flannels.  

This day was even part of the Spirit week before the holiday break, and was endorsed by the Gang Green Nation twitter account.

Students have taken notice of the flannel phenomenon including sophomore class president Jack Voce who said, “I would say about a tenth of students wear flannels every day.”

Junior Luke Potter also added, “I don’t think students will ever stop wearing flannels.”

More and more students are wearing flannels to school every day and their peers are taking notice and catching on to the trend.

Flannels will continue to populate the halls throughout the winter months while the frigid weather creates the perfect opportunity for a warm, comfortable flannel.

Numerous Shenendehowa Students take part in “Flannel Friday” each week and wear flannels many times during the winter season.

The fashionable, yet comfortable flannel has taken over the halls and shoulders of Shenendehowa students.


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