Kids and teens obsess over fidget spinners


The toy that was originally created to help children with autism is now one of the most popular toys among children and teens.

The Fidget Spinner has three paddle-shaped blades attached to a central, weighted disc containing ball bearings. Flick a blade and it spins for as long as 12 minutes.

The Fidget Spinner “boom” started in February of 2017. By May 2017 all top 20  of the top-selling toys on Amazon, an online retailer, were either fidget spinners or fidget cubes, a close relation.

Fidget360 is one of the most popular sellers of the spinners. The company was founded by two seventeen year olds high schoolers, Allan Maman and Cooper Weiss. The spinners were  originally made to help kids with ADHD, autism, and those who just fidget too much. When the Fidget Spinners made their debut the teens made over $350,000 in just six months.

So what does it do? Fidget Spinners are designed to spin on the tips of your fingers for as long as 12 minutes. With just one flick the blades begin to propel and you’re caught staring at the mesmerizing motions of the paddles. Many people also learn tricks with their spinners. Some popular tricks include balancing it on your nose, forehead, toes, and passing it to friends while its spinning.

The addictive nature of the toy is hard to pass up. The sensation of holding a fast spinning contraption is a large part of its appeal. As you tilt your hand back and forth you can feel various spinning forces in your hand.

Kids can’t resist the spinning toy. Jamison Kisling, a third grader collects fidget spinners and trades them with friends at school.

“They’re my favorite. Its really cool to spin them and do tricks with them. I have three fidget spinners and I like to play with them a lot” he said. “I play with them at school, at home, and with my friends.”

With the Fidgets being so popular among school halls teachers have had some problems with disruptions in class or lack of focus from the kids. Regan Cardona, a teacher’s aid at Arongen Elementary says she doesn’t have a problem with the spinners, she has a problem with them being used in class.

“A lot of the fifth graders have fidget spinners. When I watch over lunch I see a lot of them spinning them around. Sometimes they can become a bit of a distraction in class. I’ve had to take some away or ask kids to put them away many times. I don’t have a problem with the toy, I just wish kids would remember to keep them packed away during class” she said.

While kids and teens obsess over the new toy some just dont see whats so special about it. Stacie Joslyn, a mother of an eighth grader and junior commented on the hype of the spinners.

“My 13 year old says all the kids in her school use them all day. I personally don’t see what so fascinating about them. They just spin. I can’t argue with the price though, they are very cheap which is good on my end. I just don’t understand them” She said.

The Fidget Spinner has bumped its way to the top of the most popular toys sold in 2017. In just a matter of 3 months the toys were featured in top sellings lists on multiple popular websites. Kids and teens cannot resist the addictice nature of the fast spinning contraption. One flick and it takes complete hold of your attention.


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