More students are in the habit of grabbing coffee before school


Stopping and getting coffee before school is a trend almost all highschool students acquire. The trend has been around for as long as I have been in highschool and even before that. Students that have caught onto this trend feel it has many benefits and that’s why they’ve continued it.  

“I literally need coffee to be a person in the morning because I wake up so early,” said AnaMaria Taylor, a senior.  “It boosts my productivity and makes me feel like I can deal with people better, therefore I bring it to school.”

Teenagers, especially high school students, live such busy lives. Between school work, sports, and social events, sometimes they need a boost in the morning. Only 15 percent of teens get more than eight hours of sleep. The rest are simply not getting enough. Coffee gives you that boost you’re lacking and improves your mental alertness.  

Many student say the reason they get coffee before school is to wake them up and get their day started.

“I get coffee to wake me up in the morning,” said senior, Cailyn Stevens.

Studies show that drinking coffee in the morning can even help your weight. Not only does it wake you up mentally but metabolically too. Caffeine increases your metabolic rate by 3-11 percent. Not only does it burn fat but it was proven in different studies to ward of depression. Due to the high content of antioxidants in coffee it is able to enhance your mood. Lastly, like all students said studies prove them to be right that coffee can in fact improve your mental alertness and help you stay focused. Coffee is proven to directly affect the area of the brain responsible for memory and concentration.     

Like most other trends it is spread from one person to another.

“ I think someone gave me a ride to school one day and they got coffee on their way. I thought that was probably a better idea,” said Taylor.

Many would agree that they began drinking coffee in the morning once they saw someone else do the same thing. What looks like a good idea catches the interest of all and the trend begins. While some may actually enjoy the benefits of coffee in the morning others may do it just because everybody else is.  

Although a majority of students drink coffee before school there are some who do not including senior Demetrios Rallatos.

“I don’t drink coffee because I do not fall under peer pressure,” he said. “I think people do it just to be cool and impress your friends.”

There are some people like senior Brendan Fess who drink coffee but do not enjoy the taste, instead he said he drinks coffee “to wake me up in the morning.”

Overall, the trend of coffee before school has latched onto almost all students. As the years go on it continues to grow capturing the newest students as well as teachers and staff.  Whether you enjoy the taste or not, the benefits it brings in the morning keeps students continuing this trend.   


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