Scrunchies are better for hair, cool and making a comeback


Over the past year, scrunchies have become an increasingly popular hair accessory again.

Scrunchies are hair elastics that have a thicker cloth than normal hair ties but have the appearance of being “scrunched.”

Girls everywhere are using them and posting it to Instagram, Snapchat stories, and media outlets, like Refinery29 and Buzzfeed, are including them in articles or just wearing them in videos.

“I just thought they were cute and wanted to try them out,” said Joely Morrison, a senior at Shen.

She started wearing scrunchies over the summer and has been wearing them ever since. Morrison saw people wearing them on social media and liked them enough to go get her own. She usually gets them at Target.

Kate Bartoletti, a sophomore at Shen has been wearing scrunchies for a year.

“I have thick hair so hair ties would snap a lot, so I started wearing scrunchies,” she said.

Bartoletti also usually gets her scrunchies at Target.

As every woman knows, regular hair ties are such a pain. We spend time every morning doing our hair just for the elastic hair tie to leave a crease for the rest of the day while damaging our hair for the 5 minutes we actually need it.

Scrunchies are very gentle on your hair, allowing you to put your hair up however you want, whenever you want, without the fear of damaging or ruining your hair for the day.

I️ have mini scrunchies to wear my hair half up half down and then I️ have big ones to tie up all of my hair, said junior Lexi Garrison. “When I️ wear my hair down, I️ bring one everyday and keep I️t on my wrist.”

Scrunchies are used to keep your hair up but they can also be worn on wrists as a fashionable accessory to an outfit.

Jenna Rivers, another junior, said that she also wears scrunchies on her wrist as an accessory when her hair isn’t up in a ponytail.

Now, scrunchies come in a variety of different sizes, colors and even fabrics such as velvet, making them even more popular than when they were created.

While convenient for everyday use, scrunchies have become more popular during spirit weeks at Shen.  

Liz Koptsev, a senior at Shen has been wearing scrunchies since spirit week in 2016.

“I wore one for my spirit week outfit last year, and thought they were cute so I’ve been wearing them ever since,” she said.

Koptsev gets her scrunchies at Target as well.

The scrunchie-wearing trend has also spread to students outside the Shenendehowa community.

Logan Gardner, a junior at Shaker High School started wearing scrunchies last June. She found one in her family’s junk drawer and has been wearing them ever since.

As to where she buys scrunchies, she said, “Honestly wherever I can find them cheapest.” Logan usually gets them online or at Pacsun when they’re on sale.

Olivia, a University of Albany freshman, has been wearing scrunchies since the winter of 2016.

“My hairdresser told me to start wearing them because I have really fine curly hair and they keep it from breaking,” she said.

Olivia usually gets scrunchies at CVS or the grocery store, not wanting to spend a lot of money on them.

Claire Merkle, a senior at Shen, supports the trend but does not participate.

“I think they’re cute, but they’re not for me,” she said.


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