Trouble taking selfies? Say ‘hello’ to PopSockets


What are those little knobs sticking off of the back of everyone’s phones?

See you later fidget spinners, PopSockets are the newest gadgets everyone must have and are taking the smartphone accessory market by storm.

Former philosophy professor, David Barnett, was onto something after attaching a button to the back of his smartphone to prevent his earphones from tangling.

After years of designing, in 2014 Barnett proved that the best ideas happen by accident and the PopSocket was out for sale…in his garage.

The PopSocket company has grown tremendously within the past 4 years. Cyber-Monday sales claim that PopSockets are the “gadgets to buy in 2018.”

These quirky little knobs are now attached to the backs of millions of smartphones around the world.

“I found out about the PopSockets when people started to have them at school and I saw them on social media,” said Daniela Brusilovsky, a sophomore.

The accordian style phone grip comes in an abundant number of colors and designs. Most are $10, but could cost up to $15 if customized through the PopSocket website.

Daniel Strangis, a senior, said “the popsocket has brought a small positive addition to my phone.”

These popular phone grips can be found on many online stores like Amazon or Ebay. It is Amazon’s fourth most popular cell phone accessory.

You can also pick one up at stores like Target and Best Buy

Students at Shen are seen fiddling with these accessories in the halls daily. Bella Anderson, a senior, said “I constantly fiddle with my PopSocket, it has become a habit.”

Last year, PopSockets started to make more of an appearance in the halls of Shenendehowa once Key Club started to sell them for a fundraiser.

“I didn’t know much about them but then Key Club had a PopSocket sale and they looked really cool.” said Erin Robbins, a senior.

Retailers claim that attaching a PopSocket to the back of your phone it is a life changing experience.

Anderson said “I can definitely say without a trace of doubt that my popsocket has changed my life. Not only has it opened my eyes to new phone accessories other than the ‘typical’ ones, it has made me branch out of my comfort zone with a new trend.”  

Now Shen students can have peace of mind while walking through the hall, taking selfies, and watching videos on their phones throughout the school day with the support of the PopSocket.

“I’m a person who drops my phone a lot so when I’m texting, the PopSocket is a nice way to keep my phone secured in my hand,” Strangis said.

Based on the reactions of these students, the PopSocket has definitely become a popular trend in the halls of Shenendehowa.

“It has changed my life. Now my phone won’t make a permanent indent on my pinky,” said Robbins.  


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