A schedule of harder classes isn’t worth it

BY JOHN MILHAM If you asked me two years ago to go do anything fun after school, I would have thought you were crazy. All I had ever known was doing homework until midnight, and the thought of enjoying a weekday never occurred to me.  Ever since the options were available, I’ve been taking accelerated classes, ranging from taking sixth grade math as a fifth grader to the PTSD inducing Cult. Lit. in ninth grade.  I continued to see the workload increase as the years went on and I added more to my schedule.  However, last year as a sophomore … Continue reading A schedule of harder classes isn’t worth it

Fall Sports Update

BY: BRENDAN CONROY The fall season for our Plainsmen Athletics has recently come to an end, but there is a lot to look back on. With star-studded athletes like Billy Beach carrying the football team to the state quarterfinals, Grace Dechiro bringing the girls field hockey team back to its twelfth sectional final, in the past 13 years, and Payton Zophy setting records for girls volleyball, this season will go down as one of the best ones yet. With boys volleyball finishing the season undefeated, boys cross country ranking second in the state, tennis looking their best they have in … Continue reading Fall Sports Update

Pick Glossier for gentle makeup and skincare

BY: CAROL LEE Glossier, despite being an online-focused makeup and skincare brand, has been gaining popularity for its natural and glowing look. As many people wear makeup on a daily basis, they also worry about keeping healthy skin. Many concerns have been shared with the use of makeup, sometimes leading to problems such as acne and breakouts, therefore using more makeup to hide these blemishes. However, Glossier provides a middle ground: gentle skincare products for sensitive skin, as well as light-weight, clean makeup for any skin type. For the past few months, I have explored over a few different products … Continue reading Pick Glossier for gentle makeup and skincare

Dunkin or Starbucks, Who Truly Reigns Supreme?

By: JOE DEARBORN As a Dunkin employee, I like to playfully bash our largest competitor, Starbucks, claiming that we have the better drinks, food,  you name it. However I’ve never truly given the place a fair shot. So I’ve decided to compare the 2 stores to see who really is the best coffee joint in town.  The comparisons will not just be limited to the taste of products, but will take into account a variety of other factors such as appearance, service and pricing. Keep in mind that I will be reviewing the 2 stores with as little bias as … Continue reading Dunkin or Starbucks, Who Truly Reigns Supreme?

The Mandalorian has something for all Star Wars fans

BY: RONAK PARIDA [Mild spoilers ahead!]In a sketchy bar on a distant planet, an alien is being threatened by two thugs who intend to sell the alien’s body for body parts on the black market. A mysterious armored man enters the bar and breaks up the confrontation by killing the two thugs. But the man is not there to protect the alien – he is there to capture the alien and turn him in for a reward. He is a Mandalorian, a warrior from the planet Mandalore who works as a bounty hunter taking jobs from all over the galaxy. … Continue reading The Mandalorian has something for all Star Wars fans