Students use ride-sharing services to get around

By Abby Hurd     In recent years, Uber and car-hailing apps have become more and more popular within society.  In such a fast-paced and technology crazed environment, convenience is important. By just downloading an app and imputing some information, you can have a car pick you up and drive you to a location with a click of a button. The app tells you the model and make of the car, so you know exactly what vehicle to get into. Emma Smrstick, a junior, likes the idea of Ubers and has used these services in the past. “I really like them, I think they are really … Continue reading Students use ride-sharing services to get around

Try to escape this trend

By Sam Jacobson           For my sixteenth birthday, my family and I were looking for something fun to do to spend my special day, but were struggling to think of anything to do.         Suddenly, my brother came up with the idea of doing 5 Wits at Crossgates Mall in Albany, as he had done one of the escape rooms in Syracuse on a field trip. We agreed and made our way down to the mall, and had one of the best times I’ve ever had with my family.         My brother, Ryan, a senior, agreed. … Continue reading Try to escape this trend

70’s fashion makes a trendy comeback

By Piper Sullivan            In the rapidly changing industry of fashion, it seems that designers are now taking a blast to the past for inspiration. For the past 15 years or so, it feels that only relatively new styles have been evolving- like skinny jeans, joggers, and off-the-shoulder tops, for example.         Recently, however, styles from the past are making their way back onto runways and into stores- perhaps more than the new styles we see emerging.         The most popular retailers, celebrities, and fashion magazines are all paying keen attention to the trend and are … Continue reading 70’s fashion makes a trendy comeback

ASMR is popular for relaxation

By Peter Sharma and Megan Keating           Are you having problems with anxiety? Do you need some escape to reduce the stress in your life? If you’ve talked to high schoolers recently, they’ll tell you all about their overwhelming schedule and minimal hours of sleep.         You’ll find that it’s quite rare to find someone who wasn’t awake until midnight studying or doing homework, plus the plenty of young students who participate in sports and activities in the afterschool hours. Every teenager has a method of coping with their stress, but one variety has skyrocketed in popularity.       … Continue reading ASMR is popular for relaxation

Roma is a simple masterpiece

BY: Mas Bouzidi Review Netflix is starting to make a name for itself in the world of arthouse cinema. First, they released the newest film from the Coen Brothers, a six-part anthology series in the American Frontier titled The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Coming in 2019 is Martin Scorsese’s ambitious passion project The Irishman featuring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci. Netflix followed their hot streak this year by releasing director Alfonso Cuaron’s passion project, Roma. Although I’m not comfortable leaving the future of the movies to a streaming service, I do feel that after Roma, I wouldn’t mind if they kept funding auteur … Continue reading Roma is a simple masterpiece

The Good Dye Young

BY: Sammy Jacobson Review Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Good Dye Young is a hair and beauty product company that specializes in hair dye and temporary hair colors for people who want intense pops of color. Founded by Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams and her best friend and stylist Brian O’Connor, the company works to produce ideas and hair products to allow the customers to be part of a community, as their main goal is to break down barriers of a business and really connect with their consumers. As a fan of Paramore for many years, I, of course, was extremely excited by the idea of Good … Continue reading The Good Dye Young

Why the person you’re mad at isn’t actually mad at you

BY: Lindsey Sherwood Opinion Think for a minute about this situation: student A has four tests today and then an important volleyball game after. They are good friends with student B, who has a very normal day ahead of them. In the morning, student A and student B argue about who gets to sit on the inside seat on the bus, and student A becomes upset and tells student B they don’t want to sit with them. To student B, this seems like an overreaction; I mean, it’s just a seat. Student B is now mad at student A, and the situation just gets worse. We … Continue reading Why the person you’re mad at isn’t actually mad at you